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The Inclusive Leaders Institute

We believe that the world would be a much better place if everyone - regardless of their background, sexual orientation, skin colour, ability, gender, and more - felt respected and heard in the workplace. 

The Inclusive Leaders Institute is a foundation created by six experts in Diversity, Culture and Inclusion. We are a truly global organisation, with our directors living in five different continents.  

Based on research and decades of relevant experience, we are on a mission to make organisations more fair, and ensure that all employees feel like they belong

The Inclusive Leaders Institute

We are advisors to leaders and organisations committed to building a truly inclusive culture

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We provide consulting services, and we design and implement change programmes in all areas of inclusion, including:

Inclusive Leadership: Leading Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging

Developing Inclusive Leaders

Inclusive Corporate Culture

Inclusive Structures, Processes and Systems

Inclusion of ability, sexual and gender orientation, age, belief, ethnicity, appearance and more

Diversity of Thought

Cognitive Diversity

Cultural Intelligence

Biases: Conscious and Subconscious Bias

Billy Selekane
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Billy Selekane

Internationally acclaimed speaker, Past President of Professional Speakers Assoc of South Africa, and organisational effectiveness expert          more...

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Kaumudi Goda

Lawyer and Human Capital Strategist. Focuses on Bias and Future of Work. Speaker, and co-chair of KeyNote Women Speakers Directory           more...

Charlotte Sweeney
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Charlotte Sweeney

Author, highly awarded Inclusion and Diversity strategist, and recognised among the world's top 10 I&D professional consultants          more...

ergin özdemir
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Ergin Özdemir

 Social entrepreneur, "love immigrant", diversity advocate, and one of Sweden’s foremost public speakers          more...

lenora billings-harris
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Lenora Billings-Harris

Author, Professional Speaker (CSP), Diversity, Inclusion and Bias expert, Past President of the Global Speakers Federation          more...

Mette Johansson
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Mette Johansson

A purpose-driven, multiple-awarded social entrepreneur, author, and consultant on Culture, Diversity and Inclusion as well as Authentic Leadership          more...

The Inclusive Leader

We're working on a book on inclusive leadership to be published in 2021. 

Watch this space for more information on this practical guide on how organisations and leaders can build inclusive cultures. 


We are interviewing leaders to gather input.


Contact us on if your organisation wants to make every employee feel like they belong!


Lenora Billings-Harris


Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers reveals the practices, metrics and research, as well as the anecdotal evidence, for building and sustaining workplace cultures that make strategic diversity and inclusion a business necessity. Focusing on concrete actions you can implement immediately, this insider guide profiles the best practices award-winning companies have used on a sustained basis to transform their organisations.


Lenora Billings-Harris

Diversity Advantage

A book about diversity with “whys” and “how-tos” that are immediately applicable to daily life.

A thought-provoking yet non-judgmental book, in which Lenora shares best practices of individuals and organisations from around the world in an effort to help us all work well and live well in this shrinking global village.

Inclusive Leadership

Charlotte Sweeney


The most successful organisations are those with the most diverse and engaged workforces. Studies show an 80% improvement in business performance among those with high diversity levels. When people feel included and able to reach their full potential, they are more engaged, more productive and often more creative.

Inclusive Leadership will help you drive culture change using organisational development principles. It takes you through the key components of leading change throughout the employee lifecycle, your supply chain, and through product development. Crucially, it will help you make a genuine impact on your business, through your people, both now and in the future.

Unleash Your Voice

Mette Johansson
contributing author

This is the essential guide for women who aspire to become public speakers, or simply improve their presentation skills. 


When women show up, unleash their voices, and share their wisdom, they create a better world: a more diverse and inclusive one. Women's voices are powerful - and it is time to unleash yours. Expressing your ideas accelerates your career. Speaking on stage spreads your reach and impact. Use this guide to unleash your voice!

Golden Truths

Mette Johansson

contributing author

Golden Truths is a collection of essays by writers across five continents.

In this diverse collection of stories, the authors provide their contribution to how we can be truthful and inclusive in our daily lives. From the innocent incarcerated prisoner to innocent discussions with strangers, the book is full of inspirational stories, which inspire us all to be inclusive, authentic, and true. 

How to Make Yourself Promotable

Mette Johansson

Regardless of your profession and your industry, your knowledge – your hard skills – will be essential for success. However, this is usually not enough. If you want team responsibility, you will be promoted because of your soft skills: people skills, attitude, and knowing how to get things done.

How to Make Yourself Promotable is a trusted and practical guide to advance your career journey.

Boken om Inkludering

Ergin Özdemir

lead author

(available in Swedish)

Taking a closer look at who is truly included in Swedish society, it turns out that it is the heterosexual, able, middle-aged white man.

The authors asked ordinary people why inclusion poses a challenge even in a liberal and advanced society like Sweden and came to the surprising conclusion that we all have excellent explanations and solutions. 

Read this book for insights from 28 very different, very ordinary people on how we can create a society where everyone feels like they belong. 


Ergin Özdemir

lead author

(available in Swedish)

Första raden på CV:t

This very hands-on book is a step-by-step guide on how to design and implement inclusive recruitment processes, where needs and skills meet on equal terms.  


The book addresses hiring graduates and academics, whilst its practical advice is equally applicable to organisations, who wish to include people who are currently excluded from the labour market for any reason.