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Gender inequality is a multifaceted and complex issue
 This is how we support you in solving it

Many companies approach us because they want to “make women promotable” and “fix women”, so that they can succeed in modern organisations.


Today’s organisations have been designed and are currently led based on a male view of the world. Quite literally so, if you think about it! Look at all the MBA programmes - the perceived "gold standard' in education for business leaders. Who are the authors of the books that students read? The vast majority of the authors are male, white - and American.


No wonder that other genders don’t feel like they fit.


We don't want to squeeze women - or any genders! - into a mould that doesn't fit them. 


It’s about tackling the issue at the root of the problem.

It’s about overhauling the system.

It’s about creating inclusive cultures, where everybody feels they belong.

We have worked with leading organisations to

  • Brainstorm, analyse and define how they can embrace the advantages of promoting women in leadership

  • Define the business case of promoting women of all colour into leadership

  • Review systems, processes, policies, cultures and leadership principles to evaluate your opportunities for greater equity and equality

  • Sustainably reduce bias among employees that hinder women in their career advancement

  • Engage in discussions with senior leaders to advance a gender-equal agenda

  • Support female executives with coaching to maintain the mindset and develop their personal leadership styles

  • And yes; provide women with the skills they were discouraged to nurture and that they need to succeed in a system that has originally been designed to exclude them.

Contact us for an obligation-free discussion on how we can help your organisation.

Other resources

Inclusive Leaders Institute's Mette Johansson speaks on how women are further empowered by being their authentic selves

In this talk, Mette also dispels authenticity myths and provides a space for reflection on what makes us authentic.

White papers, more speeches, and other sources to come soon!
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