Ergin Özdemir is a social entrepreneur, diversity advocate, and one of Sweden’s foremost public speakers. His approach to increasing diversity literacy is two-pronged. By working with leaders, employers, and institutions, he increases their diversity IQ so they can build, preserve, and harness the power of diverse teams. At the same time, Ergin helps individuals learn how to use their diversity to their advantage when entering the workforce. 

Ergin is a self-described “love immigrant” and since moving to Sweden from Turkey in 1993 re-trained in IT and got his first break in a Swedish workplace where he quickly worked up to management roles.

ergin özdemir

Ergin Özdemir

As luck would have it, Ergin’s definition of diversity was stretched further when his son, Håkan, was diagnosed with autism 20 years ago. Since then, Ergin has worked tirelessly towards creating dignified opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds to not only become part of but also fundamentally transform workplaces.

Through his presentations and workshops, Ergin shows how organisatons, with inclusive leadership, can gain many benefits. Backed by countless real-life examples and some serious research, Ergin has been able to show that rather than a burden, diversity in all its senses offers a competitive edge for every organisation. All that is required is that we widen our view of where our society’s superpowers reside.

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Lenora Billings-Harris is a diversity and inclusion strategist who specialises in helping organisations disrupt bias and make Diversity and Inclusion a competitive advantage. She is the author of two books and is included among the top 100 thought leaders on diversity by the Society of Human Resource Management.


Lenora is a past president of the Global Speakers Federation and was recently inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.

lenora billings-harris

Lenora Billings-Harris

A few of Lenora's clients include NASA, Genentech, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Toyota, West Point, Disney, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as well as numerous professional associations and universities. Additionally, Lenora serves on the adjunct faculty of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, and the Advisory Council of the School of Communication at High Point University.


Although she currently lives in the United States, she has presented to audiences on six continents and in 41 countries, plus in the middle of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

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Mette Johansson worked in leadership roles within multi-national companies across Asia and Europe for over 15 years before she founded MetaMind, a training consultancy. MetaMind won the "Best Leadership Development 2020" award from APAC Insider. Clients include large MNCs such as Citibank, GSK and IKEA.

For more than 20 years, Mette has studied leadership, influence, motivation, and engagement in an intercultural setting. As a highly purpose-driven leader herself, Mette speaks internationally on how to become an inclusive, purpose-driven and authentic leader

Mette Johansson.jpeg

Mette Johansson

As the founder and relentless driver of the non-profit KeyNote - Women Speakers directory, she is on a mission to bring more diversity to speaking stages around the world. This has led Mette to be a sought-after consultant and facilitator for Diversity and Inclusion programmes.

The author and co-author of three books, Mette is a recipient of the Asia Women Icon Award and has been featured in a range of media, including Singapore's flagship paper, The Straits Times, and Harper's Bazaar. Having lived in 11 countries, Mette is a global citizen who speaks fluently in four languages and now calls Singapore home.

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Billy Selekane is a best-selling author, internationally acclaimed inspirational keynote speaker, and a personal, team and organisational effectiveness expert.


He is executive chairman of Billy Selekane International, a learning, strategy, team effectiveness, and leadership development organisation. Billy Selekane International has associated footprints in Australia, the Middle East, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Billy Selekane

Billy Selekane

Clients include top brands such as Nike, Ericsson and South African Airways. ​


Billy has received numerous awards, is the highest designated professional speaker in Africa, and past president of PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of South Africa) 2006-07.

Billy is passionate about human performance and believes that people are intrinsically committed to excellence; however, they need inspiration and tools to transform thoughts and beliefs into actions.

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Kaumudi Goda (KG for short) is an experienced talent strategist, culture builder and program manager who has helped transform Fortune 500 companies in Asia, Europe and North America.

KG has delivered industry-leading results in learning and development, talent retention and management. She is a trusted business advisor and has extensive global experience in client leadership, business development and P&L responsibilities.

Kaumudi Goda.jpg

Kaumudi Goda

A Senior Certified Professional from the Society for Human Resource Management with 15 years’ client and project management experience, KG moved into human capital management after earning an MBA from the Indian School of Business in 2012. Prior to that, she was an attorney for seven years in the United States with an LLM from the University of Virginia. She is currently licensed to practice law in India and the U.S. and a doctoral candidate for business studies.

She is an award-winning public speaker, published author, senior corporate trainer, mentor, and executive coach.

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Charlotte Sweeney

Charlotte Sweeney

Charlotte Sweeney OBE is specialised in Inclusion & Diversity and her consultancy specialising in I&D strategy and implementation was recognised by The Economist and The Daily Telegraph as one of the world's Top 10 I&D Professional Consultancies. Having worked in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and Asia, she has a great understanding of creating meaningful global strategies that are relevant and tailored for local implementation.


Charlotte authored an independent review for the UK Government Secretary of State, Sir Vince Cable, on Women on Boards and Executive Search Firms. She is the author of the Financial Times published book Inclusive Leadership – the definitive guide to developing and executing an impactful Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, locally and globally, which was shortlisted for Management Book of the Year in 2018 by The Chartered Management Institute.

She has won a number of sector awards and received recognition for her work from academic institutes such as Harvard University and Cambridge University. She was recognised in the UK New Year’s Honours 2017 list with an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) for her services to Women and Equalities.


Charlotte is also a keynote speaker, conference chair and leadership facilitator. Her specialist areas and passion within I&D are working with clients to create strategies that are a direct enabler to the wider business strategy, supporting leaders to make truly inclusive decisions and bringing the I&D agenda to life in what companies and their leaders say and do … every day!

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